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Introduction to the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving - TRIZ

The TRIZ methodology - TRIZ is Russian acronym for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. It is dedicated for the technicians, engineers,
teachers andeverybody seeking the creative solution for the technical problems.

Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller TRIZ respects systematic problem solving, but it also allows the usage of inspirative, attractive and educative access to find the concepts (ideas) how to improve technical system.
The TRIZ methodology has got a computer aided software called Invention Machine, but even without any software it can significantly improve the technical problem solving.

The author of the TRIZ methodology is Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller (1926-1998), Sovet scientist, inoventor and inoator,
who had analysed huge number of patents and around 1946 came up with the generalisation of the successful solutions in the form of TRIZ map (matrix).

TRIZ methodology in the last decade occupies a dominant position among other methods that implement technical creative work (brainstorming, synectics ...).
TRIZ respects as required systemic approach in the analytical phase (analysis) of the problem.
The formulation of innovative task (What to solve and Why) and mobilizing the necessary creativity of the solver in the synthesis
(the searching for the solutions, ideas, concepts), and the recommendations by a study of patents.

The basis of TRIZ is the assumption that the technology is developed according to certain laws that need to be clarified and used for further development of technology.
In other words, the development of technology is dialectical, independent of the human will.

Only those systems will survive which are in accord with the laws of the system development.

Karen Gadd - TRIZ for engineers Algorithm of inventive problem solving - ARIZ, is based on TRIZ and it serves as recipe for the solution of innovative problems.

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We are glad to recommend you to visit a web site of Karen Gadd http://wbam2244.dns-systems.net/EDB/.
The website https://www.triz.co.uk/ is also very interesting, please feel free to visit it.